The PDX Mini Z club is welcoming new members. We have great group of people already racing and are looking for some new members to join us.

We race Kyosho Mini Z cars which are very durable and precise. They are also much cheaper than large scale RC. We use a timing system which allows us to get accurate race results which adds to the fun. We race a couple times each month, competing against our own club and also competing in national events.

Some action from the club


If you don't own a mini-z car yet you can still check out what the club has to offer. The club has a single loaner car which is shared with all the visitors. Please tell us if you are interested in using this car.

To insure we have a level playing field we have restrictions on which mini-z cars can be raced. Also, due to our participation in in a national league called HFAY ( we have several additional vehicle restrictions. Read our mini-z racing guide to get started with the right equipment.

Read the mini-z racing guide

Other Costs

The meetup location has an inexpensive fee we must pay. If you participate we ask that you help cover this cost.

If you decide to join the club there is a yearly fee of $25 for individuals or $25 + ($10 for each additional member) for families which helps the club buy and maintain all the equipment required.

When do we race?

We don't have an exact schedule but we try to race every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month. Check out our events page to find out when our next race is.

PDX Mini Z Club Events