The majority of racers in our club have a near box stock car. Our racing guide has recommendations on purchasing a near box stock car along with some recommended upgrades.

Read the mini-z racing guide

The near box stock class is run on fun nights. Cars that meet this classes specifications are allowed in all classes.

You can run a Kyosho MR-03 sport right out of the box. You are allowed to do do a few minor upgrades which help make the car more consistent and durable. This class keeps the hobby inexpensive, fun, and competitive.

  • Tires - No Foam or Silicon tires
  • Wheels - Any
  • Rear suspension allowed mods
    • T-Plate - Any
    • Spring - Any
    • Shock - Stock or Kyosho oil filled
    • Rear Disk Damper - Any
    • No other suspension mods allowed unless it comes stock with your car
  • Front Suspension allowed mods
    • Springs - Any
    • Aluminum Knuckle
    • King Pin
    • No other suspension mods allowed unless it comes stock with your car
  • Pinion - Any (most people run 7, 8, or 9)
  • Bearings - Any
  • Motor Mount - Aluminum upgrade is allowed for durability and availability
  • Transmitter - Any
  • Battery - NiHM
  • No motor change is allowed. It must be a Kyosho stock brushed motor
  • Differential upgrades. Stock geared only.
  • Any other changes should be openly discussed.

Modified rules apply on HFAY nights. Cars from the near box stock class are allowed compete in this class.

HFAY is a national competition that is easy and fun for everyone to join to see how they rank nationally.

Read the HFAY Vehicle Tech Regulations

The open class is run on fun nights. Cars from lower classes are allowed to compete in this class.

Open is our newest and most experimental class. We know many people own or want to buy cars that don't fit the molds above. This is the class for you. That won't stop us from trying to beat you with our stock cars.

  • Car - Any 1:28 car
  • Motor - Any
  • Batteries - Any
  • Tires - No Foam or Silicon tires

This is our most restrictive class. This is not a recommended starting point class for the club because this class has less races than our other classes.

  • Ready Set - Kyosho MINI-Z MR03 Porsche 911 GT3 RS/RM
    • RWD Part Numbers 32321W-B, 32321OR-B, 32321S-B (these are the white, lava orange and silver)
    • Sports 2 Part Numbers 32231OR-B, 32231S-B (these are the lava orange and silver)
  • Chassis - Stock
    • MR-03-N RM
    • 90mm wheelbase
  • Radio - Ready Set included transmitter only, no upgraded radio's
    • Perfex KT-531P FHSS 2.4GHz
    • Perfex KT-19 FHS 2.4GHz
  • Body - Porsche 911 GT3 Autoscale. Ready Set Body Only
    • Mirrors may be removed
    • Stickers and decals for the body allowed and encouraged
    • Headlight Kit - MZW429R Not Required but highly recommended
  • Suspension - No front suspension modifications. May clean and polish parts.
    • Stock front springs, arms, holders
    • Stock T-Plate or MR3006 PN Racing Mini-Z MR03 RM Carbon T-Plate #4 Medium Soft
    • Stock plastic knuckles or R246-1310 Kyosho Mini-Z MR03 Steering Block 0 Camber
    • Stock king pins
    • Stock motor pod
    • Stock top spring
    • No damper plates, side springs
  • Tires - PN KS Medium Rear (KS2828) and PN KS Firm Front (KS1042) or PN X-25 (RXF25)
    • Taping allowed
    • Truing Allowed
    • No Sauce or Additives
    • Tires may be cleaned with a 70% alcohol solution
  • Wheels
    • Replacement plastic rims, Front Narrow +1 (stock is +1.5 but not available for purchase, so purchase the Kenon # 205WF1), Rear Wide +0 offsets (Kenon #205WR0)
    • Aluminum wheel nuts allowed
    • No 3d printed wheels
    • No slot car wheels
    • Max 8.5mm front, 11mm rear width
  • Batteries - Any rechargeable NI-MH 1.25volt 1000Mah or less, or 1.5volt Alkaline (4 cells only)
  • Ball Bearings - Stock or PN600129 - No ceramic - Cleaning and re-lubricating allowed
  • Motor - Stock only - No modifications. Ok to remove the CAP
  • Gearing - 6T small track, 7-8T large track
  • Electronics - Stock Board FHSS or FHS 2.4GHz - No Gyro's
  • Minimum Weight - 170 grams ready to race, weights added to vehicle allowed
  • Other rules TBD - The spirit is to keep the car box stock.